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Steel building rapid construction system product service provider.

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Productization of construction is the future direction. We have found that many users do not have experience in product development and implementation. Dahe PEB provides users with a complete productization environment for R&D, proofing, and mass production to quickly realize products for users. Listing and intellectual property transformation services.

Use our processes to ensure R&D efficiency

Research and development is a very rigorous teamwork process. A mature and efficient team can quickly realize research and development ideals based on certain processes. We are happy to become partners with users to jointly realize more application scenarios for new buildings.

Link to R&D resources

Dahe PEB has long-term cooperation with many well-known universities and experts at home and abroad. It not only carries out R&D cooperation and the preparation of procedures and standards, but also cooperates in knowledge transformation such as book publishing and training. Cooperation projects can save a lot of time. Detours, reducing R&D time and capital investment.

Do our best to realize our customers' ideals

We are willing to work with our partners to create higher value, help our mutual customers realize their ideals of new buildings, promote new technological advances in construction, and promote the development of the industry.

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