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Pre-fab module building

Xiamen Dahe PEB Construction Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to research the realization of rapid construction.

The construction industry increasingly hopes to improve the efficiency of construction through industrial methods. How to save manpower input and speed up the construction is the future of the construction industry. Steel structure, as a building form suitable for industrialization, has gradually become the better choice for construction industrialization. To this end, we have done a lot of experiments, physical research, obtained a number of patents, has formed a perfect technical system, we will study the system named “HS-IAS” system, a unique building system based on a large number of standard components and 2D modules, it will be able to increase the construction speed of 2-3 times faster on the basis of no increase in personnel.

Realize all kinds of ideas without limitation.

The building has a variety of shapes, want to achieve standardized production through a technical system, but also to adapt to the shape of more buildings is a very difficult thing, the HS-IAS system built by Dahe speed adopts the combination of standard components +2D modules, the main structure to achieve multi-storey or high-rise buildings using heavy steel standardized components, high-precision processing and on-site bolt, Then use 2D modules to quickly combine, if it is a low-house residential project can use full 2D modules to quickly combine, everything will become so simple.

More secure

The HS-IAS system of Dahe Speed construction has designed a more solid installation mode, and every node is carefully designed, which can not only install quickly and save labor, but also bear greater load when disaster comes, and all details are safer for the building.

Ultra-high cost performance

The 2D modules of Dahe’s HS-IAS will significantly reduce field work, complete pre-assembly in the factory with high precision, and only require simple assembly after transportation to the site to complete construction, construction has never been easier and more fun, so fast to bring high cost performance.

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