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Traditional architecture in southern Fujian: Construction of Xiamen Lutou Temple (1)

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Project Address: Xiamen, Fujian Project Introduction: The Lutou Temple Project is used to inherit the local traditional culture of southern Fujian. The project construction area is 29.7 square meters. The main body adopts a heavy and light steel building structure system. The materials are all installed with prefabricated green and environmentally friendly new building materials. Traditional buildings The design retains the traditional culture of southern Fujian architectural style.

The construction plan period of this project is to be completed in 18 days. It not only requires fast installation, reliable quality, but also energy conservation and environmental protection. Most components of the prefabricated steel structure building are prefabricated in the factory and only need to be assembled on site, which can greatly shorten the construction period; Factory production can better control the quality of components and improve the overall quality of the building; the steel structure can be recycled and used to reduce construction waste; and prefabricated construction can reduce noise, dust and other pollution at the construction site.

  The Lutou Temple has a special meaning in traditional Chinese culture. The gods of Lutou Palace Temple are regarded as the patron saints of the place and are believed to bless people’s safety, health and happiness. People believe that the gods in Lutou temples can bless their farmland with good harvests, family harmony, and business prosperity. Project process: The project started construction on January 21. After a week of assembly and construction, the main body of the project completed the main assembly, sealing panels, breathing paper and other construction. In the next week, the exterior walls, interior walls and interior decoration will be constructed, and the construction of the road temple will be completed within 18 days.

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