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Four major problems faced by the development of prefabricated steel structure housing

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01、 Insufficient market awareness of assembly building At present, the construction field is not fully familiar with the assembly of the overall structure, the depth of understanding of the relevant technical specifications issued by the state, the guide, atlas, etc., is not sufficient, the design, construction, construction, supervision and related regulatory departments are accustomed to the traditional way of operation to consider the assembly structure to the project to promote the application of the resistance. The society is generally accustomed to the traditional way of construction, which is considered risky, costly and less acceptable for the way adopted by the assembled structure. Due to the insufficient scale effect, the advantage of overall cost reduction formed by shortening the construction period and reducing labor has not appeared, and in the absence of large-scale application of assembled construction, the simple estimation of construction cost is higher per square meter than that of the current traditional construction method, and the construction units are often reluctant to adopt assembled construction in consideration of the incremental cost, short-term benefits and other aspects of the problem, and the enterprises’ enthusiasm for the development of the assembled construction projects is low.

02、has not yet established a construction mechanism adapted to the development of assembly-type building development of assembly-type building, mainly standardized design, factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration, the whole process of information management. The ideal construction method is to implement the construction general contracting system that integrates design, component production and construction, which is conducive to reducing costs, controlling quality and improving efficiency. At present, the existing construction industry management system for the design, production and construction of separate management, has not yet established design, production and construction – integrated business model management mechanism, has not yet fostered a set of mature construction mechanism, the general contracting construction method is still in its infancy.

03、Supporting policies are not yet perfect One of the main difficulties in the lack of progress of assembly building is the imperfection of the policies for encouraging the popularization and promotion of the building industrialization projects, and the regulations and rules involving the standard system, design and consulting, bidding and tendering, cost management, construction safety and quality acceptance of building industrialization projects are not yet perfect. Although the national level and the provinces and municipalities have issued some guiding documents for the industrialization of construction and related support policies and supporting atlases, they need to be further refined and perfected in actual operation.

04、The problem of industrial worker training assembly building needs a group of mature industrial workers to operate, construction, the existing labor subcontracting team is both loose and untrained, do not have the conditions for induction. However, at present, the state has abolished all kinds of qualification certificates, who will organize training and who will recognize the training constrains the promotion of assembled buildings. Promoting assembly construction is an important initiative to promote green development, and is an inevitable requirement to promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. Increasing the cultivation and reserve of skilled assembly construction workers is conducive to promoting the gradual transformation of labor-intensive civilian workers into skilled assembly construction workers, and enhancing the implementation capacity. The article is sourced from Global Web School, and the copyright belongs to the original author and the original source. If there is any infringement or the original copyright owner does not agree to reprint, please contact us promptly.

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