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Explore the charm of prefabricated steel structure buildings and enter the world of residential villas in Shanwei Taohuayuan project in Guangzhou

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The project consists of 8 independent prefabricated buildings with a total construction area of nearly 1,000 square meters. Here, architecture and nature are perfectly integrated, and every villa is like an exquisite work of art. Prefabricated steel structure buildings, with their high efficiency and environmental protection features, create a comfortable and livable space for you.

1. Architectural features: All room types and supporting facilities use fully assembled interiors.
2. Unit design: Two types of units, courtyard and double bed room, are designed. The courtyard model refers to the layout of a two-bedroom holiday villa, consisting of two independent bedrooms and a shared dining room; the double room model adopts a unique triangular holiday cabin structure and is equipped with 360° surrounding landscape windows.
3. Decoration style: Using solid wood and beige as the overall tones, a fresh and natural architectural style is formed.
4. Environmentally friendly: Because it is located in the Taohuayuan Scenic Area, the entire construction process needs to meet higher environmental protection conditions. Prefabricated buildings and interior decoration products can ensure that there is no cement wet work, no large-scale cutting operations during the entire project construction process, no need for large-scale construction production equipment, no need to harden the original green space, and effectively protect the original forest around the B&B. Lake and grassland ecology.
5. Efficient construction: The entire project only took more than 40 days from settlement to fine decoration delivery, while it is expected to take 120 days using traditional construction and decoration methods. The construction period alone saved the owner two-thirds.

The matched steel structure building creates a comfortable and livable space for you with its high efficiency and environmental protection.

The private villas in the Taohuayuan project are not only places to live, but also the habitat of the soul. They are located in beautiful natural scenery, allowing you to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy tranquility and beauty.

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