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Design service

Digital Design

High-precision components are processed on the premise of the need for digital design, Dahe speed built in line with a variety of national requirements of professional design capabilities, and supporting a variety of software to complete high-quality projects, analysis, design, deepening we provide customers with the whole process.

Professional and enthusiastic team

Different countries have different building codes and design standards, with many years of practical experience is very important, we not only have a number of designers with global service experience, but also from the United States, Australia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and other countries to cooperate efficiently to complete your design project, so as to achieve industrial production requirements.

International supporting experience

We complete different projects in many countries every year. Working with local builders and material suppliers, we have gained a lot of valuable experience. We believe that this experience can help you reduce costs and complete projects efficiently and with high quality.

The designed data can meet the processing requirements of the equipment

The important part of our design service is to deepen the design after the completion of the drawing information into CNC equipment production data, we can send the complete network to the global distribution of equipment, all in order to complete the high-precision production services.

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