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Component processing

Comply with a variety of regional national certification

Building in different regions have different requirements, in line with the national requirements of the product need to be from the corresponding certification, Dahe speed construction is well aware of this, over the years to improve the product certification system, such as: the United States of the ICC certification, is the United States house acceptance of the necessary certification, the production factory needs to mark the certification number on the product to be able to pass the local acceptance.

Full CNC intelligent manufacturing

High-precision CNC equipment processing can make the parts meet the accuracy requirements of installation. Dahe has advanced equipment provided by the parent company, which can complete the high-yield and high-precision processing of various house components and 2D modules.

Diversified product portfolio

Different projects, different plate type needs, you can choose to order light steel components from us, you can also order heavy steel components from us, we have the ability to provide different types of product portfolio for your project, so that your procurement becomes simple and efficient.

Strict quality control

Dahe has passed ICC certification, it is necessary to introduce ICC certification is through a set of factory quality management certification, different from ISO certification, ICC certification is more concerned about the production process control of products, so your products in the ICC certified factory production can be assured, everything has strict requirements.

Perfect export delivery quality

Domestic land transportation requirements are lower, products to be delivered by sea, need to have more stringent standards in packaging, packing, Dahe speed has many years of experience in export products, in any process of transportation will be considered, so please rest assured that you can use our products.

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