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The connection of high quality houses comes from continuous research

One of the most critical parts of each steel structure building is the connection of nodes, any connection needs to have a reliable connection fixed, in order to connect the safety, do a lot of experiments to evaluate the reliability of the product, not only that, in the production process also use a variety of means to control the quality, although it is your small value of goods, but this is a key part of high-quality building, We are committed to your project foolproof.

Provide reliable and guaranteed products

We will control the quality of each product in the process, material testing, surface treatment measurement and other process control, to ensure the quality of parts after use, not only that, we also printed on the packaging of auxiliary guidance, to avoid users in the field of wrong use or inappropriate use, these careful services only for you to use reliable products, Make the house stronger.

Paired With High-quality Products from Partners

There are many types of building materials. Integrating reliable and high-quality products can improve the safety of the project and also improve the cost-effectiveness of the building. Dahe Express Construction cooperates with many excellent brands. The technical staff have an in-depth understanding of the process requirements of various products and more reasonable Use the products provided to users, and everything will be better for your building.

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