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Welcome the teachers and students from The School of Architecture of Huaqiao University

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There is a proverb in China: “Birds will choose good trees to build their nests, and fragrant flowers will naturally attract butterflies.” Education carries the future hope of every family. It is the source of talents for the vigorous development of industries. It is the driving force and potential for a city to move forward and also a key link in optimizing the business environment.

On June 24th, teachers and students from the School of Architecture of Huaqiao University came to the display base of Dahe PEB for study and investigation. After learning about the enterprise development, product application and other aspects, they gained a brand-new understanding of prefabricated building materials. Under the warm reception and explanation of General Manager Chen of Xiamen Dahe PEB Construction Technology Co., Ltd., the teachers and students highly affirmed and recognized this new type of construction industry and were full of enthusiasm and expectations for future rural construction and the cultural and tourism industry. Under the careful explanation and guidance of Manager Zhou and Manager Lian, the teachers and students had a deeper understanding of Dahe PEB’s products and developed a strong interest in the company’s construction products.

School-enterprise cooperation has enabled teaching and experiments to be conducted on the production front line. For teachers and students, there will be a continuous stream of research topics with more application value. For enterprises, it will make the training of the talent team more targeted and more in line with market demands. The forefront of colleges and universities in theoretical depth and analytical dimension is an important support needed for enterprise development. The implementation of enterprise process control and research results is an important driving force for colleges and universities to promote in-depth research. Complementing each other and taking advantage of each other’s strengths have become the reason for the collaboration between schools and enterprises.

After the interactive learning and communication between Manager Zhou and the students, General Manager Chen Xin and Teacher Hong and their group visited the Dahe Intelligent Exhibition Hall, the combined heavy and light steel villa, the heavy and light steel production demonstration factory, etc. During this visit, Teacher Hong Yi was deeply impressed by Dahe’s research and development achievements in the four fields of prefabricated steel structure buildings. Teacher Hong expressed the hope that in the future, Dahe can provide more industry technologies for students to practice, and also hopes that Huaqiao University can have more new cooperation opportunities for production, education and research with Dahe in the future.

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