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The deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Shijiazhuang Xinle Development Zone and his party visited Dahe Zhongbang work factory.

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 On March 14, Mr. He Lei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Shijiazhuang Xinle Economic Development Zone and executive deputy director of the Management Committee, Mr. Meng Qing, director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Hexinle Economic Development Zone Management Committee, and Xinle Economic Development Zone Management Committee Mr. Jia Hao, a staff member of the Investment Promotion Bureau, and his party visited Dahe Zhongbang for a visit. Mr. He Yongkang, Chairman of Dahe Zhongbang, and Mr. Chen Xin, General Manager of Dahe Jianke, warmly received the visitors.

“Dahe Zhongbang was established in March 2009. For more than ten years, it has provided overall solutions for intelligent equipment, construction technology, design software and management systems to many domestic and foreign steel structure companies. The HS system independently developed by Dahe is applicable For steel structure prefabricated buildings with 1-6 floors, the whole-process intelligent manufacturing technology realizes the digitalization and intelligent manufacturing of the entire process of design, manufacturing, and construction. Transforming the construction industry into automated design, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent construction, and recycling Utilize and continuously innovate to provide solutions.”

Under the reception of General Manager Chen, Deputy Secretary He and his team visited Dahe Intelligent Exhibition Hall, and had a certain understanding of Dahe Zongbang’s enterprise development, scientific research technology and product application. At the meeting, General Manager Chen made a relevant introduction to all the leaders about the fully digitalized intelligent manufacturing of steel structure, and had an in-depth discussion about the fully digitalized intelligent manufacturing of steel structure, during the process, Deputy Secretary He put forward some constructive guidance, hoping that DaheZhongBang can be further improved in the future development.

  At the end of the inspection, Deputy Secretary He expressed high praise for Dahe’s well-organized, efficient and advanced management model and multi-dimensional market layout. At the same time, he invited General Manager Chen to conduct an on-site inspection in Xinle Development Zone. General Manager Chen happily accepted He At the invitation of the deputy secretary, he expressed his expectation to work with Xinle Development Zone to develop prefabricated steel structure buildings in the future and jointly promote the development of the local prefabricated steel structure building industry.

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