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Senior Director of China Credit Insurance Co., Ltd. and his team visited Dahe Zongbang for investigation.

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On March 13, China Credit Insurance Corporation (CCIC) Senior Director of Data Modeling Department Mr. Wang Fujian, Account Manager Mr. Zhang Juntao, Risk Researcher Ms. Dong Xiaomeng, Ms. Wang Jinfang, Assistant Director of Business Division 2 of Xiamen Branch; Mr. Yu Hua, Manager of Business Division 2, Xiamen Weitou Business Technology Co., Ltd, Chairman of Xiamen BRICS+ Technology Accelerator, Mr. Yang Zhi Biao, and other visitors came to visit and investigate in Dahe Zongbang. Mr. Chen Xin, General Manager of Dahe Zongbang, Mr. Lina Ye, Assistant of Dahe Zongbang, received the visitors warmly.   

Under the leadership of General Manager Chen, Manager Wang and his party visited Dahe Zhongbang’s intelligent exhibition hall, heavy-light combined villas, Xingxiu series model houses, heavy-light steel production demonstration factory, Dahe equipment production workshop, etc. to view and learn more about Dahe Zhongbang. He’s development history, product research and development, management system, etc. Have a preliminary understanding of Dahe intelligent equipment production line, intelligent mobile devices, B&B cultural tourism houses and other products.

 At the exchange meeting, General Manager Chen introduced: “Dahe Zhongbang was established in March 2009. It is a multi-story prefabricated building intelligent manufacturing solution service provider. After more than 10 years of development and layout, the company has served 30 domestic Steel structure prefabricated construction companies in more than 72 countries and regions around the world provide comprehensive solutions from parametric design, industrial production, digital construction, and chain business services.

Starting from 2019, Dahe Zhongbang has begun to carry out the layout of the prefabricated steel structure industry across the country, and has successively invested in Jiangxi, Hebei and other places to jointly build intelligent steel structure construction centers with local partners to “co-build, The investment philosophy of “sharing and symbiosis” has driven more companies to join the prefabricated steel structure industry. It is planned to jointly build steel structure building intelligent manufacturing centers with local partners across the country by 2029, build a multi-story steel structure building platform, promote the rapid development of steel structure buildings, and lead the transformation of new buildings. Finally, General Manager Chen mentioned that Dahe Zhongbang is currently transforming from an equipment supplier to an overall solution service provider for prefabricated building products, and continues to expand overseas markets.

  After listening to General Manager Chen’s introduction, Supervisor Wang Fujian gained a better understanding of Dahe. At the same time, he conducted a risk assessment and analysis on Dahe’s overseas market expansion and made suggestions: “Dahe Zhongbang has first-class multi-layer steel structure technology. , leading equipment. Based on its own capabilities and business model, it can work with partners on the Dahe platform to expand overseas markets.”

 At the end of this exchange, Supervisor Wang Fujian expressed the hope that the two parties can cooperate in the future to help Dahe expand overseas markets and jointly promote the development of overseas markets.

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