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Leaders of Yanglin Economic Development Zone in Chongming, Yunnan Province visited Dahe Zhongbang for visit and guidance

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On March 15, Mr. Li Jiankuan, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Yanglin Economic Development Zone, Yanglin Economic Development Zone, Chongming, Yunnan, Mr. Yang Junji, deputy director of the Investment Cooperation Bureau of Yanglin Economic Development Zone, and Wang Haitao, Chief of the Investment Promotion Section of the County Business and Investment Bureau Mr. Shao Chengrui, Chief of the Land Guarantee Section of the Planning and Construction Bureau of Yanglin Economic Development Zone, Mr. Lu Jing, a staff member of the Investment Promotion and Cooperation Bureau of Yanglin Economic Development Zone, and other leaders visited DahezhongBang for visit and guidance. Mr. He Yongkang, Chairman of Dahe Zhongbang, and Mr. Chen Xin, General Manager of Dahe Jianke, warmly received the visitors.

Under the reception of General Manager Chen, the leaders of Yanglin Economic Development Zone visited Dahe’s intelligent exhibition hall, heavy-light combined villas, Xingxu series model houses, heavy-light steel production demonstration factory, etc. to learn more about Dahe’s development history and product research and development. , management system and other conditions. Have a preliminary understanding of Dahe intelligent equipment production line, intelligent mobile devices, B&B cultural tourism houses and other products.

At the meeting, General Manager Chen mentioned, “Since 2019, Dahe Zhongbang has begun to carry out the layout of the prefabricated steel structure industry across the country, integrating construction technology, design software, intelligent assembly, and management systems. It has successively launched projects in Jiangxi and Hebei. Cooperate with local partners in other places to build an intelligent steel structure construction center, committed to becoming a multi-layer steel structure prefabricated building solution service provider, with the cooperation concept of “co-construction, sharing, and symbiosis” to drive more The company has joined the prefabricated steel structure industry. It plans to cooperate with local partners to build intelligent manufacturing centers for steel structure buildings across the country by 2029, forming a more competitive multi-layer prefabricated steel structure building supply chain network across the country, and implement Steel structure prefabricated buildings develop rapidly”

After listening to General Manager Chen’s introduction, the leaders expressed high praise for Dahe’s efficient management model and multi-dimensional market layout. At the same time, they also felt the passion for investment after being introduced by General Manager Chen. Finally, Deputy Director Li Jiankuan warmly invited General Manager Chen to conduct an on-site inspection in Yanglin Economic Development Zone, and hoped that in the future both parties could achieve resource docking, complement each other’s advantages, and jointly promote the development of the local prefabricated industry.

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